Being abreast with today’s fast-changing technology is increasingly becoming a challenge now than ever. IT discoveries emerge constantly, transforming things from cloud and data centre convergence to client computing and mobility.

Technologies are increasingly becoming complex, usually requiring sophisticated integration with other platforms simultaneously. It is therefore difficult, if not impossible, to test new hardware and software solutions in your work environment.

What goes into your organization selection of particular technology solutions which best meet your organization’s needs—today and tomorrow? It is an important question your organization needs to ask? The solution to this question is to visit ADS’s Technology Experience Centre (TEC) for a first-hand look at the solutions you’re considering—before you invest!

What Constitute Demo Labs?

By personally or virtually visiting TEC, you can:

With your presence, you can observe the best options in the industry, and choose the right solutions for your organization’s environment and business drivers—based on observation, not speculation or hear say. GDS’s TEC have the latest technologies built as integrated solutions, using components from the leading vendors. Get a snapshot of how ADS’s team of professionals make it happen:


ADS designed and implemented the TEC’s robust infrastructure. ADS consider security, storage, networking, virtualization, power and cooling, mobility, and remote access as factors that matter to you. ADS integrated green technology such as occupancy sensors, electronic room scheduling tools and data centre infrastructure management software.


ADS developed the TEC to the design specifications, providing all hardware, software and rack configuration services.


ADS provide monitoring and management support to ensure continuous uptime in the TEC.

Being state of the art is an on-going commitment and ADS understands that, so we constantly refresh and upgrade the TEC. The TEC together with other three data centre labs ADS has built—provide an invaluable opportunity for ADS engineers and solution architects to get critical hands-on experience with innovative IT developments. Being ahead of the curve, ADS is expertly prepared to help you meet your IT needs.

Getting Started with Demo Labs

ADS welcomes you the TEC, personally or virtually. In fact, your ADS Account Manager can remotely access the lab on any device, any time, any place, to show how an application you are considering works, what a proposed back-end infrastructure looks like or how different components interact. Schedule a demonstration in the TEC when you’re ready to build solution.